Visit from National Park

Yesterday, I had a visit from a representative  from the National Park Hoge Kempen. If you don’t know yet, we are located literally a hop skip and a jump away from the park.  The National Park Hoge Kempen is the only National Park in Belgium and it has a diverse  landscape. There are so many things you can do in the park and having someone here yesterday representing the park really reminded me of this.

IMG_3795Walking/hiking is probably do list number one for the park. The park is absolutely beautiful in all seasons. Honestly, I walk here everyday with the dogs and RARELY do I  see anybody.  I’m not complaining,  but it is a shame that so many people are missing out on the beauty of the park. Our backyard lead’s you into the park.   There you have many choices of paths to take but we often take the path to THOR park.  A beautiful walk with plenty of spots to stop and eat lunch.  No worries, we can pack your lunch for you.



IMG_3767Cycling is a must here in Limburg. Limburg has one of the best cycling networks in Belgium, connecting each city with beautiful bike paths through the National Park.  Our front door leads you to path number 40 which is only 50 meters from our doorstep.  Here you can follow the well numbered routes using your map ( available at Woods and Wine )  or an app on your phone.  We provide bike rental if you need to rent bikes.

For those looking for a weekend getaway where you want to do something active, relaxing and reflective with your family or just your spouse, the National Park is the perfect spot!

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