Flower room is officially open…..

“To achieve what few do, you will have to work harder than many people would”

This is a very appropriate quote for what we have achieved so far here at Woods and Wine.  Peter and I often say to each other ” there aren’t many people in this world that would work as hard as we do”.

Peter and I are “do” people, in fact we are the perfect couple when it comes to work ethic because we are exactly the same.  We get shit done, and this makes me shine with pride.

That’s not to say that we have been on this “building journey” all alone.  We have had a lot of help from our very good friends. They have been there for us , helping us reach crazy deadlines, showing up early and leaving late, and making sure Peter and I didn’t kill each other…

So with this, we are officially finished with our second room, the Flower Room.  It was a challenge since this room has a slanted ceiling but I’m confident we succeeded in making this room as comfortable and inviting as our other room the Bird room.

It features exquisite wallpaper on one side of the ceiling which I absolutely love!! IMG_2417 (Small) Peter custom made the headboard and side tables which I painted metallic gold.

IMG_2402 (Small)The bathroom  has the same type of shower tile as the Bird room but this time it’s a bold turquoise…. LOVE IT…Peter restyled an old cabinet I found online and turned it into the vanity with sink.


IMG_2421 (Small)






I found this AWESOME chair at a second hand store…Top find!!

The floor is again oak planks that I whitewashed.

The perfect cozy room for 2!!

IMG_2427 (Small)


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