Official Family Day

IMG_4248Today is officially “family day” around the world. I bet you didn’t know that.  Weird to have a family day on a Wednesday but ok I will take it.

So today be thankful for your family.  Whether it’s big or small, two legged or four legged, be thankful that you can come home to loud kids running around  or the zen of one cat, be thankful.


Remember this when you are stressing about the mess your kids leave in the house…..

Woods and Wine is the perfect place for family. What better way to spend the day but waking up to chirping birds ( we have tons of wild birds  ) being greeted by 4 horses and 3 enthusiastic dogs ( 4 if you count Betsy the pig) , and then going hiking/cycling and having a picnic lunch.  Mega quality time……….

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