Every guest has a story…

imageWhen we decided to open a B&B we were worried about “allowing” strange people in our personal sanctum. A valid point I think for anybody starting a business at there home.  However we never imagined that having guests would enrich our live’s.  Each of our guest’s has a story to tell.  With each new arrival we anxiously await to talk and chat.  This week we had two special guest’s who have a very interesting hobby. They are part of the group The Merlins who re-enact Work War II. They are often asked to take part in historical remembrance memorials as was the case in As, our village. It was amazing to  listen to them passionately talk about what they do and proudly parade in their authentic uniforms worn at the time. The man is a pilot in real life so he wore pilot clothes and knew everything there was to know about flying during WWII. His wife dressed in beautiful retro dress complete with hats and bright red lips. Not only was their story interesting to hear but it was inspring to listen to two people so passionate about their hobby.

They were here to commemorate  Penry Guy.  Penry Guy was an English pilot who during WWII crashed in As.  His plane was shot down by the Nazis and while Penry instructed his crew to jump out, he stayed with the plane and flew it till it crashed “safely” out of civilian harm.  Penry died in the crash and is a real hero. There is a memorial in As on the site where he crashed.  Pieces of his plane have been made into a beautiful memorial.  On your way cycling to the Station in As, stop and take reverence and think about his sacrifice.   image

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