Heide beauty in the park….


If you are planning a trip to Limburg to view the heide, you should run not walk to your nearest computer and book your stay.  This year the heide is just magnificent.

You can view the heide in several spots in the National Park and we are lucky enough to have one of those spots, the heiderbos,  only a few meters from our doorstep. The heiderbos has 3 different trails ranging from 4 to 16 km.  You can view the map here heiderbos  



Another great spot to see the heide is the Mechelse heide.  Located in Maasmechelen and only a 8 minute drive away from Woods and Wine.  The trails are from 1 to 7 km long.  You can view the map here: Mechelse heide

We will  gladly help you plan your walking route just let us know!! Also don’t forget to bring plenty of water and a packed lunch ( we can do this for you ) as there are not a lot of places to stop.

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