Our Story

Our quest for a home began in 1998. Two freshly married people, one from Belgium the other from America, set out to find a place big enough to sustain their hobby of horses, dogs and outdoor living. A long search ended when we found this domain in As in desperate need of repair and restoration. Together with our son Kieran we continue to restore our domain and enjoy the full beauty of this region.

Our domain which is listed on the Flemish National Heritage Registry, dates back to 1860 and is considered a “boerenburgerhuis”.

At one time our domain was surrounded by two coal mining sites from Genk, these sites have now become beautiful cultural heritage sites, but during this time our farm fully sustained its family by suppling vegetables, fruit, bread and meat.

Today our domain and B&B is nestled inside The National Park Hoge Kempen. Our mission is to engage our guests with the sustainability of our domain and to encourge the furither preservation of the surrounding nature. Our guests can enjoy their stay knowing that their eco-footprint is kept to a minimum without sacrificing comfort.

During your stay enjoy a hike in the National Park or hop on an E-bike and explore Limburgs famous cycling network located only a few meters from our front door. Afterwards, enjoy a wine or local beer next to the fire in our lounge. It’s all about slow living at Woods and Wine.

If you have any questions regarding Woods and Wine please dont hesitate to contact us at: woods.wine@telenet.be

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