About Us


Welcome to our home in beautiful Belgiums Limburg.

Our quest for a “home” began in 1998 .  Two freshly married people, one from Belgium the other from America , set out to find a place big enough to sustain their hobby of horses, dogs and outdoor living.  A long search ended when we found  this house in As, in desperate need of repair and restoration.

Our home which is listed on the Flemish National Heritage Registry, dates back to 1860, and  was once a fully sustainable  farm. Considered a ” boerenburgerhuis”,  with the construction of our B&B our goal has been to reconstruct the original form of this National Heritage home.

Whats in the name Woods and Wine? We get asked this question frequently , and its very easy to answer.  Our home’s “backyard” is  the beautiful woodsof The National Park Hoge Kempen.  We are established “foodies” and enjoy nothing better than sitting down to a culinary meal with a great bottle of wine or local beer.  Both Woods & Wine can be found at our B&B.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy the beauty of this region as much as we do.

Eron, Peter, and Kieran